Fable III, a game we know to be a role-playing-game, won’t feature the orbs of experience found in its predecessor. In the game you’ll play as a King or Queen and instead of amassing experience, you’ll gather "followers."

Speaking with Joystiq, creative director at Lionhead Games said why it was removed.

"Experience is a core mechanic of RPG games, and we’ve removed it. “Why?” Because experience is all about combat. Fable is more than just combat. We’re not saying that combat is any less or diminished, we’re just saying we needed a mechanic that covered the entirety of the game; experience wasn’t it."

He continued, and explained why the glowing orbs were removed for the third Fable game and why "followers" are the new thing.

"People didn’t understand what the difference between red experience, blue experience and green experience was — they just didn’t understand it! Over half the people didn’t really care about what color the experience system was. It was just wrong. So, when you remove it and replace it with something called “followers” — you get followers for everything you do in the game; whether you’re nice to people out in the street, or nasty to people; who you marry; the family that person comes from makes a difference — it brings followers to you; you’re going to have to have a certain number of followers before you take on the evil tyrant king; you’ve gotta have a certain number of followers to do something else. That all makes much more sense."

Don’t lose faith yet though, the game, from this first video appearance, and these screenshots, looks mighty fine and worthy of our attention.

Jump on over to Joysitq for the full, unedited transcription of the interview.

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