Lionhead is gearing up to release Fable III this Holiday season, but before it can release, we have to hear creative director Peter Molyneux and a staff of developers describe why the game will be huge.

This is that video.

In it we get a look at Lionhead’s studio as well as an intimate chat with Molyneux, who gushes about Dynamic Weapons and a Extreme Morph.

The Dynamic Weapons, as you could guess, change based upon who wields them. If you’re evil and kill a lot of innocents, the blood of their trauma will run down your sword. This is an intriguing concept, as it will complement how your character will dynamically change based on moral choices as well.

The Extreme Morph is quite a bit more intriguing though. This is an action, located on your wheel of actions, that will allow you, should someone irk you, to demonstrate “who your character truly is” by performing an awe-inspiring morph expression. In the case of the video, angel wings sprout from the character’s back and all are defeated.

Have a look at the video detailing all of this below and the game’s first screen shots, right here.

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