Last week Atlus announced a Valentine’s Day Demon’s Souls world tendency event in which the hue of the world would be either dark or light depending on how many of you chose “Loves Me” or “Loves Me Not.”

Winner, winner.

Atlus tallied the votes and “Loves Me,” with 6,669 votes made up 50.6% of the margin was declared winner, while “Loves Me  Not” scruffed up a very close 6,522 votes and 49.4% of the entire vote.

But because the vote was so very close, Atlus decided to shift the color of the world from Pure White, beginning today and running through Tuesday and then morph it to Pure Black until the end of next week. A little bit of both, nice.

Atlus said you might have to log in more than once to see the change, but isn’t having a say in something nice?

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