Bungie today released a new “Once More Unto The Breach” video developer documentary trailer for Bungie’s “definitive” Halo project, Halo: Reach.

Some notable highlights from the video include the fact that Bungie, in order to pull off the vision for the game, ended up “gutting almost every part of the engine, re-tooling things to make [the game] run faster, look better.”

Bungie also added that Reach “is going to be a sandbox game” and the game will allow the player to “feel like a badass.”

“We’re doing stuff players absolutely don’t expect from a Halo game”

“Bigger battles.” Brand new cast of characters.” “An incredibly ambitious game.”

“This is the definitive Halo, made by the people who created Halo.”

We’ve already seen how far more graphically faithful Reach will be, so Halo-heads, this isn’t an ODST-type game. It’s an entirely new experience. Get excited May 3, when the multiplayer beta drops for owners of Halo 3: ODST.

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