Motorola today backed off the announcement it made earlier this week promising Android 2.1 for the Droid cell phone by week’s end.

The announcement, revealed on Motorola’s Facebook page earlier this week got Droid users excited, as the major update, with  multi-touch support and lots more was finally to arrive, but it wasn’t to be.

According to BGR the announcement was made in  haste, and was never really true. Ouch.

“According to Matt, forums manager over at Motorola, the information was prematurely released” and that “the DROID update page on Motorola’s website has been pulled and all links to the update page have been deleted from the forums.”

As a Motorola Droid owner, this is painful news. I was looking forward to this all week, constantly checking my phone for the update, but no, I was lied to!

When the update finally does roll out, we’ll update the story!

Source: BGR via Gizmodo

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    • Nathanial

      Shut up. Just because some forum manager goofed doesn’t mean Motorola is to blame. You’re just being an impatient brat.

      I’m sick of you people whining about the convenience of having a cool phone. Oh no, it’s going to be cooler and I can’t wait.

      Pop a collar, go over to the iPhone, marry Luke Wilson and be done with it. I’m sick of all this bitching and moaning.

      • jk

        @ Nathanial The forum manager didn’t release the false news, he just handled the damage. Customers paying more than $100 a month have every right to complain, esp when Moto takes the initiative to announce an upgrade with a release date then ignores everyone when its self-imposed deadline lapses. If you’re content with the way things are, that’s your right, but you look like an idiot telling everyone else that they should be as complacent as you. You’re the personality type that would have ridiculed every improvement: agriculture, industrialization, aircraft. “I’m perfectly happy to toil for 9 hours for a day’s nourishment. This automation, fertilizer business and private ownership of land is pointless.” Keep your mindless complacency yourself. Moto has handled this terribly and they deserve the ribbing. They’ve completely ignored all reasonable requests for info for when 2.1’s release. A simple “we don’t know” would suffice. Instead, they leak rumors about Jan 22, then the week of Feb 13 only to miss them. The PR team looks like a bumbling bunch of amateurs and they deserve to be ridiculed. It’s amazing to me you’re actually mad at the people who are pointing this out. You’d be a great citizen of the PRC, North Korea, Cuba or the good old USSR: “Just shut up. Our great leader knows what’s best!”

    • jk

      I agree. Microsoft at least managed to notify everyone months in advance of missing deadlines. Moto chose to cater to tech enthusiasts and early adopters who are more savvy than the average consumer. Geeks like to understand and crave info. Moto is blowing off and alienating its key demo. Basic customer relations and leadership teach that honest info will make people lots more understanding and willing to help whether it’s delayed flight, long line or an extra 2 miles on a hump. Where you start to lose control is when you ignore rational, intelligent adults and treat them like children who don’t deserve to know. 1) Here’s what’s happening, 2) here’s why, 3) here’s what’s gonna happen. Even if some of those answers involve not knowing or concession of fault, you’ll get better cooperation than Moto and Moto and Nathanial’s “shut up, I’m the boss, do what I say” method. Nate, I take it you’ve never been an LT telling that to a platoon of 40+ men. That would be a scene we’d all like to see! Moto’s doing the same thing and look where it’s getting them.

  1. ragtimeplayer2

    darn I was checking my phone twice a day. I hope the update is worth the wait.

  2. Chris

    Wow this is a complete misrepresentation of what happened. Matt had posted all of the information that was on that page. However, that was premature. It was as everyone I am sure has seen was here are some of the features that were added and here is what you do with the notification when it comes. The posting of that website and his forum post with all that was premature. I imagine that someone had set up the website to automatically post. He saw it and hoping to make the forum users happy was reposting the information. No changes were made on the timing. According to Motorola no official date is set yet so they don’t know where the Facebook post came from but the release is imminent.

    matt feels terrible about the backlash of this. It was completely misunderstood but it has really kind of spread like wild fire.


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