If your living room is already chock full of plastic instruments, don’t worry, Activision is scaling back its  music-game releases for 2010 and dropping PlayStation 2 support entirely.

Mike Griffith, Activision CEO and President of Publishing, expressed his lack of faith in selling plastic instruments left and right, instead favoring just the software itself.

“In 2010, we’re anticipating further declines in the music genre overall as the casual consumer proves less robust and the business naturally continues to migrate from hardware bundles to software-only sales, Our strategy is to become more focused against fewer but bigger propositions, and to right size our investment against the opportunity to improve profitability.”

Griffith continued, stating the company’s plans for 2010, and how this year will look different than last year, in terms of proliferation of the series.

“This year, fewer SKUs will service a broader audience. In 2009, we released 25 music SKUs, and in 2010, we plan to release less than 10. In 2010, we will not launch any PlayStation 2 SKUs or a high priced Band Hero product. We’re focusing our efforts against two major music-based products. One for Guitar Hero, and the other for DJ Hero, both of which will launch at the back half of the year.”

Activision also announced yesterday that over 60 million songs have been downloaded in the Guitar Hero Music Store since its beginning.

Personally, I hope Activision follows Rock Band’s lead and adds more content to  its Music Store, letting me download what I want, when I want it.

Source: IGN

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