As I trudged through the wind-driven snow on my way to WalMart to pick up some Werther’s Originals and a pack of condoms, I, as I always do, stopped by the electronics section to see if any deals were to be had.

I spotted this.


A quick check of Amazon revealed a going rate of $39.99 for the faux-instrument, so this looks like quite a snag, eh?

I visited this WalMart, in Keene, New Hampshire, so no idea if the savings are limited to my store in my area, but it can’t hurt to check your market if you need the plastic music game peripheral compatible with Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

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  1. John Dorman

    Kmart has these same ones on sale for 7.50$ I bought 2 of em cause they are prone to break but there awesome as backup or for your friends to all play drums in GH5 they had copies for PS3,PS2, and Xbox not sure about Walmart thou they could just have PS2 I know Harmonix has way way too many so there trying to unload them at steep discounts for bulk buyers

  2. Rock Band Network Author

    Interesting that they are selling them for such a discount. I’ve done a quick search and you can find really good prices on a lot of Rock Band equipment around different stores. I guess it depends on what you want.


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