Google is scheduled to release its social network feature called “Buzz” over the next few days, according to PC Mag. Google describes Buzz as an ambitious attempt to combine the Gmail Web interface with status updates and media-sharing technology, making Google a more complete experience.

Google’s Buzz includes many appealing features, according to CNET. Users can post text, links and photos and can link their Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and Google Reader accounts to their Buzz streams to see information produced by friends on those networks. Buzz also includes a customizable algorithm that allows the user to pick and choose what sort of information and updates are displayed from their friend’s posts.

According to PC Mag, one the greatest strengths of this social network is its ability to separate public posts from private posts. Buzz users will be able to post updates publicly for their followers, like Twitter, but they can also post updates privately, like Facebook, for their friend’s eyes only. Since Buzz is a Google invention, users have access to Buzz using Google Maps via their mobile device. Users get the option of posting their exact locations on Buzz, as well as showing nearby restaurants, stores and other places of interest.

PC Mag states that Google will be gradually releasing Buzz to its users by displaying an icon beneath the Inbox icon on the left panel. Alternatively, users may get a full welcome page when they log in, touting the new feature. There will be an option to either try it out or ignore it and go to the regular Gmail inbox. Although Buzz has several minor advantages over Facebook, only time will reveal whether or not people will be inclined to switch from one social network to another.

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