How was your holiday season? Get everything you wanted?

Mega-publisher Activision certainly did, as the company reported its Quarter 4 earnings today and said it took in $1.56 Billion in the Holiday quarter for a year of $4.28 Billion.

Just how did the super publisher report better than expected earnings in tough economic times? You probably already know the answer.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, after he finished wiping his ass with a $100 bill, praised many of his games for fueling the monetary surge. Modern Warfare 2 was the #1 best selling game overall for Europe and North America, DJ Hero the highest-grossing new IP and of course, World of Warcraft, with its subscription-based model.

Kotick went on to credit his workers around the world for helping Activision have such a great year.

“Our significant accomplishments in 2009 are the result of the expertise and skills of our employees around the world. Their hard work and commitment to excellence made us stronger even during difficult times.”

How about 2010, how does that look for the publisher?

“In calendar year 2010, we expect our net earnings and operating margin growth will be driven by our product slate that includes Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft II and the World of Warcraft expansion pack, Cataclysm,” Kotick said, “as well as a diversified lineup based on Activision Publishing’s best-selling franchises including Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk, together with other well-known titles such as True Crime, Spider-Man and Bakugan.”

Pretty predictable. But hey, if it makes you billions, why stop?

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