If there’s one game company out there you shouldn’t steal from, it’s gotta be Nintendo. However, a conniving Australian man thought he could do just that and now owes the Japanese game-maker $1.5 million.

Nintendo sent out a press release this morning explaining how the company royally pwned James Burt, an Australian, and the first to pirate New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Nintendo said it employed “the use of sophisticated technological forensics” to catch the man who uploaded the pirated copy to the Internet.

Burt, a man working by himself, must now pay Nintendo AUD $1.5 million ($1.3 USD) “to compensate Nintendo for the loss of sales revenue caused by the individual’s actions.”

New Super Mario Bros. Wii recently sold its 10 millionth copy so you might think Nintendo might now press so hard, but it’s Nintendo. The properties it owns are not to be stolen and Nintendo will do everything to keep that reputation.

Source: Kotaku

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