Johnny Depp will begin working on a documentary project about Keith Richards next week, Variety reports. The doc will be Depp’s first directorial project since 1997’s “The Brave.”

“I’m very touched that Keith has agreed to show up in front of my cameras,” Depp said. News of Depp working on the documentary first surfaced in an interview with Russia’s Politika, where Depp said his editor was in the process of going through miles of archival footage. speculates whether or not Depp’s documentary will be an adaptation of his work or perhaps a behind-the-scenes concert film. That remains to be seen, but hopefully the film will take an honest look at the hard-partying hey-day of The Rolling Stones.

It’s well-known that Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” was based on the Rolling Stones guitarist. Richards even played Jack Sparrow’s father in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” Richards and Depp, who have been friends for almost 10 years, appeared in a father-son-like embrace on the cover of Rolling Stone before the film’s release.

"I was almost afraid to meet him for a long time, because there is always a fear that your heroes are going to be shitheads," Depp joked to Rolling Stone.

Variety reports that along with the documentary, Richards’ autobiography, to be published by Little, Brown & Co. in the US, will be released in 2010.

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