The original Dead Space was one of the most horrifying games ever, but if it was true action you wanted, you sort of didn’t get it.

That’s all about to change, as the game’s sequel will have action on par with Modern Warfare 2 and the Uncharted series.

Senior vice president and head of Visceral Games, Nick Earl, spoke with industry mega-site IGN and gobbed juicy details about the dark sequel.

“I can tell you that we’re a little more focused on action horror as opposed to survival horror. We just created a really beautiful sequence that we’re showing internally — we haven’t showed it externally yet, but we will get it out there soon — that I think speaks to the high voltage nature of the game,” he said. “Some really strong action sequences that I think are on par with the level that we’re seeing in the Modern Warfare series and with the level that we’re seeing in Uncharted. Just beautiful, visual imagery and very electric action.”

He vaguely elaborated further about the impending project and, without specifics, made said the studio is pressing hard to make this one a winner.

“I feel very confident about where Dead Space is. I can tell you that we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re going very, very aggressively to take it to the next level,” said Earl.

Source: IGN

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