In the upcoming film, “Saint John of Las Vegas,” Steve Buscemi plays a recovering gambling addict that has to make a trip to Las Vegas for work. Will he be able to make it out without gambling his way back into his addiction? Find out by participating in this contest — comment below with your original theme idea for a lottery scratch ticket. Would you go with a “Lucky Number” theme? Perhaps something to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Or what about a “Saint John” theme? Let us know and instantly win tickets to go see “Saint John.”

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  1. Yusuf Nasrullah

    I’d go for a Birthdate Theme Lottery Ticket – it has twenty random dates on it (5th May, 18th October, 21st July…etc) and if yours comes up on the scratchcard you show your I.D and birth certificate and claim a $7,000,000 prize!


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