The second suspect in a daring January 4 bank robbery in Waltham was on the lam for a month until police caught up to him in Maine on Thursday, authorities said.

A reporter for the Bangor Daily News tipped us off that the second suspect, Craig Sparks is expected to be brought back to Massachusetts to faces charges.

Sparks, 28, and Benjamin Michaud, 32, allegedly robbed the Bank of America branch on Moody Street in Waltham.

Police said they trailed the men in their getaway car until they ditched on Rt. 128 in Lexington and fled on foot. Police said Michaud carjacked an 80-year-old man and made him drive off. Police stopped the car a short time later and arrested Michaud who was carrying a bag with $9,284 and had ski masks, a baseball cap, and latex gloves consistent with what bank surveillance cameras captured on tape.

Police also found two BB guns that matched the appearance of surveillance camera footage.

In the woods where the suspect fled, police found another $1,381.

But Sparks eluded capture at the time. He was also on probation in Worcester at the time. Police searched at least two houses in Lexington while trying to track down the second suspect. Homes on Burlington Street and Ledgelawn Avenue were searched by State Police, including special weapons troopers.

Michaud faces charges of armed robbery and an outstanding parole violation. Sparks missed a probation hearing on January 20, police said, and he also faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery.

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  1. Sister

    I know for a FACT that Mr.Sparks did not have anything to do with it. He is a good man and an even better brother. He has made some mistakes in his life yes and who doesnt but he has now made a change and a differnece and just becaouse of the past that he has he is going to be put away! I don’t think that its right at all. None of you people know what your talking about!


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