The Monopoly we know and (mostly) love, is getting major makeover.

To celebrate the game’s 75th Anniversary, Hasbro is streamlining the board game experience by making the game board circular and removing paper currency.

This will be fun?

Where did the money go? It’s still there, but you’ll have a credit card to keep track of every transaction, thus nullifying the ability to say “hey look over there” and steal a couple bills from your brother.

The game itself remains unchanged, meaning 4-hour sessions ending in the dead of night will still happen, but the genre “board game” might need to change to “bored game.”

The new, circular Monopoly will hit shelves later this year.

Source: Wired

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  1. Christopher Payne-Taylor

    The new version of Monopoly is just sad, that’s all. It’s like redesigning baseball with a round field, electronic bases and WII-style bats. And $2M for passing go? No, I don’t think so. Who gets that now? Celebrity poptarts, perhaps, but no one who actually lives a real life. And that’s the point. Monopoly and games like it reflected life as it was, or at least some reasonable facsimile of same. This version, like most videogames and other media entertainment, reflects life as we might fantasize it to be. It’s why today’s sterile suburban streets are devoid of kids who used to play stickball in far less lofty environs, why homes are filled with glowing screens where lives are poured into the blinding light of science and the illusions it creates because what we have just doesn’t seem good enough, anymore. Only nobody much laughs or shouts or runs in those homes. They just stare myopically into the electronic wasteland as their fingers twitch in distaff rhythm trying desperately to keep up with something that does not even recognize their existence. And the saddest part of all is that I can still feel the distinct exhilaration of when my grandmother and I used to play game after game of Monopoly over 40 years ago. But I don’t imagine today’s crop of zombie warlord killers or uber-technologized Monopoly players will ever live to be able to say the same.

    Christopher Payne-Taylor


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