Last Thursday at McFadden’s, Jersey Shore’s own guido extraordinaire showed up to fist pump with the best of Boston.

The red carpet was out as the sunglassed lothario entered Mcfadden’s surrounded by some mammoth bodyguards. Make no mistake, this is a star. The Situation would argue not THE star, but one of best from MTV’s trainwreck Jersey Shore. managed to snag a couple questions from the Italian Stallion before he was shooed inside. When asked if he thought the show would blow up as big as it did, Dj Pauly D retorts with the air of a well experienced interviewee, "I knew the show was gonna be serious ’cause it was different than any other show but I had no idea this serious.  I’m rolling with it havin’ fun."

He was then asked what was on the horizon for Pauly D; whether it included a Season 2 and he oh-so -coyly responded, “Lotta of stuff in the works, lotta stuff in the works, you’ll see." Then he gave that heart-melting smile.

The place was packed door-to-door with half-naked ladies aching to see the DJ. Upon his entrance a couple of girls burst into tears…really.

His tan was a deep, well, orange and accentuated by the shine of the pounds of hairgel that goes into his signature "blow out.”

There were shirts being thrown about emblazoned with GTL (gym, tan, laundry) in red, white and green. An Italian buffet was tucked in the back, surprisingly delicious, and in the basement was a free spray tan booth.

He started with pictures, proceeded to do some mild bartending, and by the end of the night he was giving away a jetski.

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