If you’re expecting a film set in the expansive and alluring Halo universe soon, don’t get too excited, but keep reading.

Frank O’Connor, former producer at Bungie, who now works on Halo-related items every day under Microsoft, spoke with IGN about the future of the Halo world, specifically, if a feature-length film is possible.

He said he’d like to make the movie, but noted the time, place and people connected with the project had to be ideal.

“I do work every week connected to when a movie, or if a movie, is eventually made, are we ready to go? And the answer is very much so, yes. But we can afford to bide our time and wait for the exact perfect time and the exact perfect partner.”

He then flexed his Microsoft muscle and said he’s truly in no rush.

“And we’re Microsoft,” said O’Connor. “We’re muscular. We can afford, much like James Cameron, to sit here and wait for the best opportunity…And by the way, can you print, right after I said that, I do not think that Halo is going to be the next Avatar? Cuz I will be dragged through the streets, bleeding, unless I caveat that!”

He’s right and I agree with his reasoning, but that statement came off, at least to me, with a bite to it. You know, the movie could fail. Halo isn’t guaranteed money afterall.

Source: IGN

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  1. Richard

    hey i know this isnt easy but usa isnt the only people that like halo put it in the news and in others country raise funds.

  2. Andy

    We love Frankie!!

    I imagine it’ll follow the release of Halo4 on the next Xbox… 2013-2015 timeframe.

  3. Andy

    And just to add…. Avatar was crap!!! Absolute crap. It won’t go down in the annals of science fiction greatness unless they actually manage to coerce dorks to go buy the collectibles.

    And as for the production design team…. MY GOD!!! IT LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE HALO!

  4. azuwish2c

    Actually, Avatar and District 9 both used many aspects of Halo.. as well Star Trek.

    As for the last statement… this movie would make money even if it DID suck.. because there are people out there who will buy the DVD even if the movie was TERRIBLE because it’s Halo. Not to mention the fact that it will at least get a huge opening day because of the fanship. I’m tired of waiting for the damn movie.. so if they keep waiting, people are just going to expect more.. much more. Such as, not leaving out huge areas of the story (which would have been more forgivable if the movie were made closer to the time of all the hype.)


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