Whether you like it or not, Capcom is releasing downloadable content for its action/adventure/high-flying game, Dark Void next week.

Capcom says we should “prepare for the fight of our lives!” next week when the publisher releases Survivor Missions, the DLC in question.

The Survivor Missions sound a lot like Horde mode from Gears of War and Firefight from Halo 3: ODST in that you’ll be tasked with fighting off waves of increasingly-difficult enemies.

Here’s how Capcom summarizes the content.

The new DLC will be an arcade-esque experience where the player battles through hoards of enemies on the ground and in the air while collecting points and upgrading weaponry, with the goal being to survive to Round 10 and increase their previous high score.

The DLC will arrive on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network next Wednesday and Thursday respectively for 400 MS Points/$5.

As for the soundtrack, it’s packed full with over 80 minutes of sonorous bliss, including an 8-bit cut of the main theme. The Dark Void soundtrack releases Feb. 9 in the Sumthing Else Digital Music Store.

Survivor Missions

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