Well, I could have already told you this, but EA and DICE made it official today, cementing in the ground of truth that when Battlefield: Bad Company 2 releases in early March, you still cannot go prone.

According to David Goldfarb of EA DICE, who answered community questions via his Twitter account yesterday, prone will not make it into the final build.

“FYI: we will not add prone based on anything. You can stop asking now. (smiley face)” 

A demo for the title showed up on PS3. We played it and loved it (even without prone) and another multiplayer beta is on Xbox Live right now. Why not try it out and see if no prone ability is really that bad.

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  1. estaff

    I rather they get rid of the UAVs. There is usually 3 team members just waiting around it, being completely useless to the game. AND it’s not even that great.

  2. NuclearBiohazzard

    They really should not leave out the ability to go prone. It is absolutely stupid not to, oh yes i can crouch but ftl I can’t lay down that’s to cool. They should leave out being able to jump to would be awesome. *cough*

  3. Paul

    They need to add prone and fix the kill cam so you see how you die, then it would be a better game and more people would buy it.

  4. jeremy

    its is understandable to not add prone to add more of a challenge to the game i mean the snipers are already anoying as it is so there but it would make it more realistic and fun like the ablity to not be seen would be cool jdogg338

  5. Michael

    I think you should be able to go prone, but keep the game as it is. But no killcam, cause then it would just be like Call of Duty when BattleField is one of its rivals.


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