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The day that some swoon over and others loathe. Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo, the day is as full of as many expectations and dilemmas as the local pharmacy is with aisles and aisles of cheap chocolates and cutesy heart-shaped trinkets. Here’s Blast’s take on how to handle some not-so-sweet Valentine’s Day situations.

If you or your significant other (S.O.) is sick…and not with the love bug

Take this opportunity to show how much you care. Snuggle up on separate chairs and enjoy a night in for a change. Make chicken soup and watch a movie. Extra points for giving a back rub! Are you the one that’s sick? Send this article to your S.O. and cross your finger that he or she takes the hint. Oh, and no sex tonight. Instead, choose a night you’ll both be free when that miserable cold or flu is likely to be gone. Plan a romantic dinner in and some extra time between the sheets — it’ll give you both something to look forward to.

If you’re so broke that the Dollar Store is your new Macy’s

In this economy, you’re not alone. The easiest solution is to get crafty: Make your sweetie a card and make his or her favorite dinner. Then uncork your favorite $6 bottle of vino and give your SO a full body massage. Use oil. and light candles to really get in the mood. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on awesome gifts like gorgeous jewelry or his favorite sold-out video game is lame, right? Right?!

If you and your S.O. just started dating, so this holiday could make it or break it

No pressure! This is a tricky holiday for new romances; if you overdo it, you look like a desperate psycho, but if you blow it off, your S.O. might question how seriously you are taking the relationship. Keep it sweet and simple. Guys, take her out to eat at her favorite place and don’t forget the flowers. Channel your feminine side and be romantic! Girls, bake him his favorite cookies or flavor of cupcakes. Don’t, we repeat don’t, get him anything cutesy, like a scrapbook of the three amazing weeks you’ve spent together unless you want week four to be the last.

If you promised another couple that you’d have a romantic double-date, but the thought of watching them feed each other and play footsie makes you and your S.O. want to hurl

The solution to getting some precious alone time on V-Day in this situation is simple: lie. Feign illness. Just mention the Swine Flu and they’ll practically beg you to ditch the plans! Plan on a date in the future so they don’t suspect a thing.

If you and your S.O. are in a fight

Big problem, or perfect timing? Two words: MAKE-UP SEX. Screw all the lovey-dovey crap and get down to the dirty business. Use chocolate, caramel and whipped cream in the bedroom. Do things that those so-sickeningly-cute-they-never-fight couples would blush about. By the end of the night, you two won’t even remember what you were fighting about.

If Cupid’s arrow completely missed you this year

If you’re brave enough to spend V-Day alone, the solution for lonely guys is pretty easy: porn, pizza and beer. Ladies, spend the day celebrating you — the hot, sexy, single you. Go shopping, go to the spa, or arrange a girls’ night with some other single gal pals. Make Cosmos and watch your favorite “breakup” episodes of Sex and the City, or a bunch of horror flicks – especially ones in which hard-bodied lovers die slow, horrible deaths.

See? Valentines Day can be a love-fest for everyone, no matter what your relationship status on Facebook says! Just get creative and remember: there’s always next year.

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