Okay, we may have been unfair about the Lady Gaga and Elton John (though outfits were equally outrageous). That may very well have been the best opening to the Grammys in years. She might bring the word eccentric to a whole new level, but Lady Gaga knows how to work a stage. It was also nice to see respect given to Sir Elton John by transgressing from “Poker Face” to “Speechless” rather than the debauchery last year when Stevie Wonder was coerced into singing “Burnin’ Up” with the Jonas Brothers. New school and old school collaborations are always an interesting event, but it has to be done right.

Taylor Swift picked up a trophy for Best Country Album, but we wonder how believable her super-surprised face will be throughout the night if she gets brought up for any more awards.

Beyonc© also added more Grammy trophies to her tally, but was anyone else thrown off by that performance? Perhaps she might be tired of performing “Single Ladies”, but “If I Were a Boy”? The choice seems odd since it is not an upcoming single and not a reason for her presence at the awards this year. The split off into Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” was also random considering Morissette herself never appeared on stage. Beyonc© delivered a power-house performance as always, but the message was lost in translation on this one.

Multi-nominated Pink also wowed audiences with a flying-high trapeze performance. The stunts were reminiscent of her earlier VMA performance, but even more daring. At one point she was hanging upside down, held up by a thin sheet wrapped around only one leg, dazzling the audience while spraying them with water which had been poured down her body.

The Grammy Board was feeling a little bit country this year, awarding The Zac Brown Band with Best New Artist over indie rockers MGMT and catchy sensations The Ting Tings.

So far the Grammys have gone without any incredibly awkward moments, minus Stephen Colbert’s acceptance speech for Best Comedy Album. His intro remark “Since this is a Christmas album, I should thank Jesus Christ!” which was met with a noticeable silence from the Grammy crowd. His “..for having such an awesome birthday!” attempt at recovery didn’t help much, but alas no one rushed the stage to call him out on it, so consider it still a success.

Kings of Leon pulled a huge upset when they stole Record of the Year out from under Beyonc©, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift for their smash hit, love anthem of the year, “Use Somebody”. This upset may be a game changer for bets on the last award of the night, Album of the Year. Anyone still think it’s going to one of the three ladies of the night?

Still upcoming are performances by Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi (song chosen by voters on cbs.com/grammys), as well as an all-star Michael Jackson tribute presented in 3-D. We didn’t pick up those exclusive glasses from Target, so you’ll have to tell us if it was worth it. Stay tuned to Blast for a post-show wrap-up and tell us your thoughts on the awards! Meanwhile check out these Wireimage shots of the show highlights.

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