Stuck in the middle-class in The Sims 3? Want to ramp things up a bit, move up in the world?

If that’s you, Electronic Arts today announced, in eloquent fashion, the High-End Loft Stuff pack for the world’s best-selling PC game for 2009.

It’s due out February 2, and, according to EA, will allow you to deck your space out with “fashionable sofas, sleek coffee tables, and eclectic art. It adds the ultimate in modern loft living for your Sim and their digs.”

Would you live here?

Additionally, classy new clothing comes with the pack including tailored suits, forward-looking apparel and “sophisticated” outerwear as well as high-end tech including gaming systems, flat-screen TVs and lots more.

The pack will set you back $19.95 and is available for pre-order, at the EA Store, right here, right now.

EA released a trailer for the upcoming content pack today too. This is it. Happy Simming!

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