Court documents filed Thursday show that Bristol Palin is looking for  $1,750 a month from her former boyfriend and the father of her baby, Levi Johnston.

Bristol and Levi, both 19 years old, had remained together for a little while after having Tripp in December 2008, but eventually broke up. In November 2009, Bristol filed for full custody of Tripp and the most recent documents also ask for $18,350 in back child support.

The court documents also state that Levi made more than $105,000 in 2009 between interviews and modelling jobs, while Bristol has paid almost 100 percent of the costs of raising Tripp. On the other hand, Levi’s lawyer, Rex Butler, said Levi has tried to meet Bristol and give her money, but she didn’t show up. Butler also said that Levi is only allowed a few hours of visitation with Tripp each week.

Who’s right? Who knows.

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