Haiti. Just mentioning the country’s name makes people stop, listen, and hope that what they hear is, for a change, good news. But there isn’t much in Haiti. People are dying preventable deaths. Children are dying from broken bones. There is a lack of food, water and shelter for the Haitians.

The relief effort in Haiti is sweeping, but it isn’t organized. The clogged airport and the shattered roads make it tough for aid organizations to get to where they need to be. Infrastructure isn’t being built quickly enough because there isn’t enough tools.

There is no system to account for all the food, water and medical supplies that come into Haiti. Everything isn’t being fairly distributed.

But it all will come together. This is, after all, a natural disaster that has affected three million. There’s no quick fix.

If you’re frustrated that your donated money is being stalled, don’t worry. Haiti’s future is bleak and hopeful all at once. And our money can help make it better.

Remember to donate what you can tonight to Hope For Haiti Now or Canada for Haiti.

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