In case you missed our initial post over the weekend, Bungie created one hell of an event for gamers looking to lend a hand to Haiti.

Check out our original story for every last detail, but if you want the quick and short: GO PLAY HALO 3 or ODST!

For every 1000 gamers logged into Xbox Live this evening until midnight, Bungie will donate $100.

Just make sure to change your emblem to the image below and you’ll be counted!

Get on it!

Add me on Xbox Live at eddie not eddy and I’ll try to get a Custom Game going. I’ll be on all evening intermittently.

Gaming for the greater good. Do your part. Be a hero!

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  1. crum42

    Shoot. They should do this kinda thing more often. Who says gaming is a waste of time? Good on Xbox for doin’ this.

    crum42 will be on tonight.


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