He did the impossible.

Massachusetts voted, and we a new Senator who turned around and shocked everyone. Every Republican who was in the Park Plaza Hotel shout, cheer and cried for the new senator as he brings a bold new face to fill in the late great Kennedy’s seat.

The evening started with a concert with the Doug Flutie Band, the James Montgomery, and the new senator’s daughter Ayla Brown. Ayla broke the news to everyone in the room that Democrat Martha Coakley had conceded and that her father was the new senator-elect.

Mitt Romney was a surprise, and he was given the chance to introduce Brown last night.

Brown came out to a loud cheer and applause. Within his address, he addressed the need for change and that the senate seat is not only for him, but for everyone in Massachusetts. He said he was very grateful to all his staff, volunteers and family. He also added some light humor stating that his two daughters were “available,” but quickly took those words back with laughter.

All in all, with the confetti dropping, it was a great night for Republicans all over. Now its time to move to a new direction and a Senator that Massachusetts believe will take us there.

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