It’s no secret revenues were down for most video game companies in 2009, but what about The Big Three — Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft?

Looks like they saw red last year, too, and reported revenue losses of $200 million to over $1 billion.

Numbers are fine and dandy to read, but if college taught me anything, it’s that graphs get the point across exactly 1.5 million times better.

Money: It's been lost.

How will The Big Three fare in 2010?

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Socius

    That’s a retarded comparison. Here’s why. If Nintendo sells 100 Wii consoles, they’ve made a profit of around $5000-$8000. If Sony sells 100 PS3 consoles, they’ve made a profit of -$4000. So even if Sony were to sell 500 PS3’s for every 100 Wii’s sold by Nintendo, then Sony’s “profit” would be -$20,000.

    So it’s wrong to compare their revenue at the moment at a time where Sony’s strategy is around subsidization, building a user base, and counts every sale/loss as an investment in not only the PS3 brand, but also in Bluray.

    PS3 as a game console is getting surprisingly better and better each year. The quality of PS3 exclusives is phenomenal. The 2 games that won Game of the Year from different sources were Uncharted 2, and Demon’s Souls. Both of these are console exclusives. So they’re doing well. Beyond the gaming platform, Bluray is really picking up. Sony are honestly in a very very good place right now with their console and strategy. They fell behind quite a bit as they gave a 1 year head start to the XBox360, and because they had almost no games in their first year. That has all but changed now.

    That’s the thing with graphs. They’re exactly 1.5 million times better for spreading misinformation. 😉


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