Electronic Arts and BioWare today detailed plans to encourage gamers to buy a new copy of Mass Effect 2, instead of a used copy from these guys.

Announced today was The Cerberus Network, which is BioWare for a waypoint, or conduit, for gamers to access what will become a host of downloadable add-on content for Mass Effect 2.

Those who buy a new copy of Mass Effect 2 next Tuesday when the title hits shelves will receive a download code to download The Cerberus Network, and those who pick up a used copy will be forced to pay a one-time fee, which was not disclosed by Electronic Arts today.

On January 26, the day Mass Effect 2 releases, gamers can download, via The Network, DLC that features new missions and items, free of charge. And what’s better, more content, available the week after next, is on the way in the form of even more missions and a new vehicle, the Hammerhead.

So, this is how Electronic Arts plans to attack used game sales. Think it’ll work?

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