I have tried all kinds of products when it comes to removing my makeup.  I have really sensitive eyes and skin so I hate removing my makeup and feeling an oily residue on my eyes and face.  I especially dislike it when my eyes sting because the makeup remover is far too harsh on my eyes.  I have been fortunate enough to find two incredible products that not only remove my makeup, but they are gentle enough on my eyes/face and there is no gross residue once I’m done.

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover:
This product is amazing!  I have been using it for years and I swear by it.  I usually buy it at Walmart because it is much cheaper there (around 4.99-5.99).
Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes
I just started using this a few months ago and let me tell you I am hooked! Not only does it get all of your makeup off (including waterproof eyeliner and mascara) it also cleanses your face! You can use it alone or after you use your favorite eye makeup remover. The best part is that there’s no water involved and it leaves your skin feeling really moist. It costs $5.94 at Target.

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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    Jessica I'm glad you sold some things! I wanted to come out to this but I was sick and stayed in. The pictures are lovely- you and your friend are so tatedlen.


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