Whoops. This might hurt Martha with those Massachusetts “Joe Six-packs.”

The state attorney general, who has come down from godly heights in the polls for the race to replace Ted Kennedy, apparently called Curt Schilling a Yankee fan on WBZ radio.

Dan Rea: Would Barack Obama be in if this thing was not this close?

Martha Coakley: It’s hard to know, I think that he is welcome in Massachusetts — I’m sure everybody is happy to see a president come.

Rea: 62 to 36

Coakley: But I think probably if it weren’t so close Rudy Giuliani would be here and besides he’s a Yankee fan (Laughter) I just want people to know.

Rea: Uhhh yeah but now Scott Brown has Curt Schilling

Coakley: Another Yankee fan

Rea: Schilling?

Coakley: Yes

Rea: Curt Schilling a Yankee fan?

Coakley: Nooo, alright I’m wrong on my, I’m wrong

Rea: The Red Sox great pitcher of the bloody sock?

Coakley: Well he’s not there anymore.

Coakley is slightly behind Republican — yes Republican — Scott Brown in the latest poll. It should also be noted that Schilling is, in fact, “here” anymore. Blast recently sponsored one of his wife’s charity events.

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