Oh Kate, you’re so incorrigible.

TLC is giving Kate Gosselin a new television series — it’s official.

John is gone, and as far as TLC is concerned, the eight will be gone too.

The new show, scheduled to launch this spring, has no title yet, and details are sketchy at best. We do know that the show will be just about Kate. Her ex-husband John Gosselin and their eight children will not be included.

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  1. Mike

    OMG. The have put the kids thru soooo much by now…they got fame, their parents got fortune….ANY IDEA WHAT PERCENTAGE IS GOING TO THE KIDS EDUCATION FUND> If you’re gonna split, do it like adults and ensure the kids get everything they need…including time with bothth parents. If you can’t do that you are just being selfish and your kids don’t deserve that!!!


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