The community-loving development studio Valve today announced that its artwork team just isn’t cutting it, and wants you to try your hand at designing weapons, avatars, and items that could actually appear in the game.

It’s all part of the new “Contribute” site at Valve, which allows fans to design anything from hats to weapons to all sorts of environment pieces that, if Valve likes them enough, could make it into the game via an update for all to revel at.

You can check out the Contribute site right now where a gallery will soon be up to see what everyone else is working on and either praise or bash their work.

Team Fortress 2 “Contribute” Page

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  1. mike

    TF2 has turned into a mining game like WOW. I hear people on it talk about spending their weekend to get a hat or achievement. Frankly, I don’t like achievements because they aren’t rewards or incentives for tasks that you’ll easily accomplish during the course of regular gameplay, instead they encourage players to spend large amounts of time chasing goals that have nothing to do with the goal of the game. Valve’s creating a game that discourages teamplay, which is what TF2 is about. All of the updates of new things also means you have to spend too much time reading updates, which I don’t do anymore. I heard people talking about a buff banner?? last night and had no clue what they meant. The addition of invulnerability to some of the classes is also bad for the game and the final straw for me was the demo’s invulnerability. I love the gameplay and style of TF2 but I believe that less is more, which Valve appears to strongly disagree with. Either Valve will realize its mistake and stop the nonsense or continue ruining a great game.

    • Mark

      You are free to an opinion, but get the facts straight first.

      -The mining you refer to is called idling. Tf2 uses a random drop system to give out items. All the game-affecting items (weapons) drop frequently and are unlock able through achievements. You shouldn’t have to idle. The cosmetic hats on the other hand don’t drop often, so people idle. You don’t have to ‘mine’ to play the game however.

      -Achievements aren’t hard to get in regular game-play. Most of them are things like ‘taunt after killing someone’ or ‘kill 100 people while on fire’. Some are more specific and harder to do, but in general, these don’t need to be farmed either.

      -In normal gameplay, tf2 is very team focused (heck, team makes up 1/3 of the title). The game is meant to be play in about 12v12 teams. The less people per team, the more teamwork needed to win. If you play on more than 12v12 teams or idle servers or achievement farms, there will not be teamwork.

      -If you can’t read updates that are extremely brief, then that’s not valves fault. Most updates are just fixes and changes that they outline in the notes. The times they update a class (which adds 3 weapons to the game) they take that opportunity to make a fun and exciting. You only need to read the stats of the new weapons, but the stories/back grounds are humorous. If you don’t feel like reading them, when you get new weapons you can see the stats.

      -Buff banner is a new weapon… I can’t understand how new content frustrates you when you don’t care to look for it. Even if you find out by someone else having it, you know that it’s possible to get now…

      -Class invulnerability? No… the demo man (big use of explosions and group management) got some unlocks that allowed him to fight well in melee range, at the cost of his master of mid-range fights. To compensate, he has resistance to fire and explosion. Getting close without these traits wouldn’t be possible.

      So feel free to hate the game, just don’t falsely advertise what is going on.

  2. Carl

    Honestly,the more weapons the better is my opinion,but so many people are getting too hung up on hats,also,a game is meant to be had fun in,and i have alot more fun in this TF2 than the older one.


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