In 2010, Hollywood will be turning to the past for story ideas, choosing to add a modern twist to old classics. The year’s "let’s do it again" line-up includes “The Crazies,” “Death at a Funeral,” “Karate Kid,” “Red Dawn,” and yet another “Nightmare On Elm Street.”

In an uncertain economy, moviemakers are sticking what’s worked before rather than risking something new, according to Associated Content. Even a bad remake will attract viewers, whether they are die-hard fans of the original or just curious what that "modern twist" will look like.

The most premature re-do to hit the screen in 2010 will be “Death at a Funeral,” originally released just three years ago. Variety reported that director Neil Labute and comedian Chris Rock will remake the British movie this year in an urban American setting.

The new “Karate Kid,” to be released this June, has also raised some eyebrows. There seems to be a little confusion over the title of the movie, which will star Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s son Jaden. Chan told MTV, "I don’t know [what it’s going to be called]. Probably ‘Kung Fu Kid’ in China and ‘Karate Kid’ in America. Maybe a different title? I don’t know. But mostly we’ve called it ‘The Kung Fu Kid.’"

Maybe producers will strike gold with these re-designed releases, but the classics might be better off left untouched. It’s up to moviegoers to watch and decide, which is exactly what Hollywood is counting on.

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