The incidentally-informed generation of iPod-using, breakneck-texting facebooking bloggers will be pleased to learn that now, in order to read a book, they no longer have to buy one…or borrow their mom’s Kindle.

Twitter, which, at one point, was a site people only visited to get updated on Ashton Kutcher’s political opinions, has broken yet another boundary put in place by its detractors. Thanks to Kerry Israel, Audience Development Manager at the American Repertory Theater, tweeps who follow @ARTGatz can now ingest the classic novel “The Great Gatsby” in bite-sized 140-character pieces.

Israel was struck by the idea while trying to come up with a way to promote “Gatz,” the current production on at the Loeb Drama Center. The truncated Twitter promotion contrasts heavily with what it’s promoting; “Gatz” is a 6 1/2 hour play that recites the novel, word for word.

God bless the ART for trying to keep Fitzgerald relevant, but if you’re not a part of the Twitter nation and you don’t feel like sitting through a six hour play, perhaps you might just try picking up the book.

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