I wonder if Bobby Kotick and team Activision woke up one day and said “Let’s make $1 billion…that’s good…right?”

Well, the publisher accomplished that feat today as Activision reported Infinity Ward’s shooter eclipsed $1 billion in worldwide sales, joining an esteemed club of entertainment properties reaching that mark including this summer’s “Avatar” (the movie of course), “Lord of The Rings: Return of the King,” and “Titanic.”

What’s  more impressive ( I think), is that the game made $550 million in five days, which represents over 50% of the entire take.

“There are only a handful of entertainment properties that have ever reached the $1 billion mark,” Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said, “which illustrates the power of the Call of Duty franchise and mass appeal of this game.”

All this success, and Infinity Ward might not make Modern Warfare 3…interesting indeed.

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