Electronic Arts is primed and ready to take on Call on Duty with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 this March when it releases for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but it won’t do it with words alone.

Released today by Electronic Arts is this glorious gameplay trailer for the title dubbed Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield Moments Episode 3.

Like the two before, it’s chock full of explosions, blood, guns and the gorgeously war-torn streets of the Panama Canal map.

Here’s a look.

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  1. The Swede

    This will become the game of the year 2010. GO EA and Dice. I believe this one will sell more compies than MW2 because there are no incentives to buy modern warfare for pc since it focus on singleplayer.

    The ps3 beta proved that it really works great on consoles and the PC version wont dissapoint anyone 😀

    • Logan

      Since when is modern warfare 2 focused on singleplayer? I’ve met players who haven’t even touched the single player campaign. I think Bad Company 2 will be better than MW2, but MW2 is definitely all about multiplayer.


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