Oh how the good die young.

Nintendo announced today that it will no longer publish or ship copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy to retail outlets and instead those wishing to re-live Samus in all her glory will be forced to the second-hand market to do so.

Done-zo Mc-Funzo

Only four months after its release, a Nintendo rep confirmed to Coffee With Games the above and said the below:

“You may still be able to locate a copy via stores that specialize in previously played or used games.”

Nintendo did not provide a reason for Metroid Prime Trilogy’s discontinuation, but maybe that it only sold 500k copies had something to do with it.

As Destructoid points out, it’s disturbing that the title sold so poorly especially considering the Wii’s monumentally high install-base and just how great Triology is.

Hard times these be, when Nintendo can ship Carnival Games and not a Metroid title.

Source: Coffee With Games via Destructoid

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  1. oj

    500K copies, would not be the reason. The original Metroid Prime only sold 40K copies. So for the trilogy to do over 10 times that of the original… It makes you ask, is this news here to generate anti-gamer stories for the wii??

  2. Nicko

    I didn’t buy the trilogy since I already own the games individually. Plus I don’t even really like the 3-D versions as much. If Nintendo released a 2-D Metroid title, I bet it would sell much better. People like myself obviously still love 2-D, look at New Super Mario Brothers Wii.


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