Everyone, let’s all stand and warmly welcome our new friend Iron Helmet Games to the ever-expanding video game industry.

This studio, formed by Jay Kyburz, a man with a 12 year history in game production and former Irrational Games Lead Producer on titles like Freedom Force, Tribes, Swat and  Bioshock busted on to the scene recently and offers a fresh approach on a much-neglected genre.

The studio was founded to produce “old school hardcore strategy games” and through the incorporation of diplomacy and social interaction, the studio hopes to build games that encourage cooperative efforts.

Iron Helmet Games is made up for ex-2k Australia employees (which represents the other half of 2k Boston), and hope to make its games in “the Irrational Games tradition.”

The studio’s first title, Neptune’s Pride is in beta right now, and you’re already qualified to join in the fun, as all that’s needed to get started is your (probably already) existing Google account.

Neptune’s Pride

Iron Helmet Games

We’ll continue to follow Iron Helmet as the world turns!

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