Halo: Reach will no doubt be one of 2010’s biggest games. And with big games, comes huge marketing. And what better way to sell your game than with a 10-page, content and image-rich, blowout entry on the prequel?

Your wish is Game Informer’s command as the gaming magazine’s February issue has Spartans on the front and words hype-filled words on the inside.

Reach....for the magazine!

Now, there are two ways to get your hands on the Game Informer magazine.

1. Own a GameStop Edge card, because with it, comes the magazine.

2. Go out and buy the damn thing

As far as alluring details are concerned, expect the February issue to have lots. What I’d like to know is why that second Spartan from the left has a skull on his helmet. I saw it in the VGA 2009 trailer, and I’m seeing it now. Anyone know?

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  1. shawn

    oh the spartan with the skull is supposed to be a “hell spartan”. They are supposed to be super bad ass and they have diffrent colored armour and stuff…that explains the painted skull


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