Microsoft believes even the hardcore gamers will love Project Natal, or so a higher-up said yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

What we saw at E3, that being a girl playing a ball-kicking game by flailing her arms and legs, looked like something no Halo-head or Call of Duty enthusiasts might want to do, but Microsoft sees its new motion-control tech in a different light.

President of Entertainment and Devices Division Robbie Bach, during Microsoft’s financial analyst briefing, said that the targeted demographic was “everybody,” including those who play Halo: Reach when it releases this Fall.

“Take your hardcore gamer, they’re going to love Natal,”Bach explained. “Now, they’ll play a different style of game on that when they’re doing it. When they play Halo: Reach, they might be back with their controller doing some very, you know, targeted things. But the style of game they will play will be different.”

“But they will absolutely love Natal,” he added.

What’s even more interesting is that Bach stated over 70 percent of publishers are in some way working on Natal-based games, including developers like Bethesda, Capcom, Konami and Ubisoft.

Well, it’s all fine and dandy to say hardcore gamers will enjoy the new technology, but until we see it, I’m not quite ready to believe.

Source: IGN

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