The third-dimension is not only resered for “Avatar” and that corny Walt Disney World ride. In 2010 it’s coming to Sony’s PlaySation 3.

Announced at CES last night/early this morning by Sony exec. Kaz Hirai were Sony’s plans to launch 3D gaming and movie-watching capabilities on the PS3 sometime in 2010.

The future is now!

A couple simple firmware updates, one for 3D stereoscopic gaming functionality and one for 3D stereoscopic movie-watching is all that’s needed for the future to arrive.

No details outside of its existence and launch date of “sometime 2010,” but the PlayStation blog promised more saying: “We’ll be announcing more details regarding 3D Gaming as we get further into 2010.”

Uh-oh Microsoft, looks like Sony, with its rapid console growth and appreciation, Blu-Ray capability, and now 3D, might have you beat here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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