Hey all you vampire fans, Blast is hooking you up yet again! The new vamp flick “Daybreakers” hits theaters Friday, and we are just dying to give away passes to our beloved readers. But this relationship has to be give and take — what have you done to deserve these tickets? Well, we just have one request. Leave a comment below stating what your favorite vampire movie of all time is, and win passes that become valid on Monday, January 11. Are you a Twi-hard? Or is Buffy more your style? Maybe you’re the old school Dracula type. Let us know!

Just in case you didn’t know, “Daybreakers” is no “Twilight.” It’s a futuristic sci-fi thriller where most of the people in the world have become vampires and humans are an endangered species. Who knows, your answer to our contest just might change after seeing “Daybreakers.”

The contest ends Saturday, so get going!

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Brooklynne Kelly Peters is a Blast contributing editor

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  1. Yusuf Nasrullah

    INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE – it was classic camp…and Antonio Banderas was so homoerotic…caliente! Even Tom Cruise the Scientologist exceeded expectations!

  2. Freddie R.

    Blade was one of the best. He was half-vampire and half-human. He got the best of both worlds.

  3. shelley

    Interview with a Vampire. Who know Kristen Dunst would grow up to be mary jane?

  4. Susan M.

    I enjoyed the foreign film, Let The Right One In”, as well as “Interview with a Vampire”

  5. DJ D

    embarrassingly enough I have to say I’m a big fan of.
    Dracula 2000. I was only 12 but SOMETHING about it left impressions as my favorite vampire movie.
    Queen of the Damned comes in second place.

  6. cooliorox22

    My favorite vampire movie would have to be Twilight. Nothing like a teenage romance movie…with vampires…and werewolves. It’s all madness. That, 30 Days of Night, and Let The Right One In. So bloody, so good!


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