The Star Wars franchise; from film to video games and everything in between is a gargantuan beast, and it’s one that made the original cast of the movies mighty famous. But Mark Hamill, the man we know as Luke Skywalker has never, believe it or not, provided voice work for Luke in any Star Wars video game.

It’s not like the man doesn’t know his way around a mic and voice-work. His voice has appeared on everything from episodes of television shows Robot Chicken and Futurama, and video games including this summer’s runaway hit Batman Arkham Asylum, in which he voiced The Joker.

So why no Star Wars voice-work?

In an interview with PC Zone, the man, the myth, the legend said:

“When I played Luke from 1977 to 1983, games were in their infancy, I talked about turning a page and starting a new chapter. Those movies had a beginning, middle and end, and everyone sort of moved on… I don’t really know how to answer that, because I’ve never been asked to do it. That’s fine, though.”

Hamill, now 58, went on to say he’s too old for the role now.

“If you’re playing Luke the way he was in the films — from his late teens to mid-’20s — I’ve outgrown the role.”

Now it makes sense.

Source: Kotaku

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