Development studios Treyarch and Infinity Ward, both working under the hood of Activision, take yearly turns pumping out Call of Duty titles, and this year’s from Treyarch, if rumors are true, will be set in Vietnam.

Last year was Infinity Ward’s turn, and they delivered Modern Warfare 2, but in 2010, Treyarch has the reigns back and look to release Call of Duty 7 sometime before year’s end.

And if today’s rumors are true, the game will be set in war-torn Vietnam and will play like popular films “Platoon,” “Apocalypse Now” and “Full Metal Jacket.”

What do you make of a Vietnam-based Call of Duty title? I’m all for it. No more WWII makes me happy, but that’s just me.

Source: Abstract360

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  1. Adrian

    Call of duty 7 in Vietnam? wow that is interesting. It suits the game. Vietnam was once a war zone. So it is no wonder they are choosing it.

    • BMW

      I’m Down with that at long as it has a zombie mode like waw , that’s the only reason I even bought waw


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