If you’ve been to a recent hot event — i.e. Boston Fashion Week 2009 — you may have seen a parade of fashionable ladies, rocking the runway and looking perfectly polished thanks to the talent of local designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and photographers who capture every stride. That’s all good and dandy, but pay attention; it’s not just a typical eye candy moment, you could very well be in the presence of Omid Maxey’s Glam Squad, which is taking over Beantown’s fashion scene, one pleasurable appearance and sultry fashion show at a time.

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The Glam Squad is described as an interactive photo shoot which showcases local talent such as make-up artists, stylists, and designers, and is also becoming a live news feed on Facebook and social media/networking platforms. Whenever the Glam Squad makes an appearance, thanks to their team of photographers, the footage is crafted into a video montage and streamed onto the web.

Maxey, who has been a stylist at Safar Coiffure Salon for 15 years, came up with the Glam Squad concept after, he said, seeing too many dismal and disappointing displays of fashion being showcased at local venues.

"I got sick and tired of going out and seeing these fashion shows," explained Maxey. "Nobody cares; nobody knows who the designer is, and who is doing all the work to make that show happen."

Maxey created his own solution.

"I like to promote local artists. That’s what this is all about," he said.

Maxey credits his loyal clientele, the constant need for music, and the lovely "Glam Dolls" for his inspiration for the Glam Squad appearances. The dolls are switched up depending on the shoot, and what look Maxey is going for.

The very first interactive photo shoot the Glam Squad created was a Glam Doll invasion, hitting seven different locations throughout Boston. These included starting off at Safar, which is where the models get their hair styled by the salon’s stylists, including Maxey himself, and where they continue to get into full "doll" mode. Then they hit up Scoozi, Cafeteria, 33 Lounge, The Estate, Rocca, and a private loft to end things on a personal note. These locations were chosen by Maxey because the squad’s goal is to reach out to a VIP audience in a sophisticated atmosphere.

It’s an upscale, glamorous experience, nothing but the best for Omid Maxey’s Glam Squad.

The Glam Squad entourage originally began with 15 people, and has exploded to 45. Maxey insists that it will keep growing. The members include local artists who pull the event together through makeup, style, photography, and hair. In the past, the looks have been pulled from Betsy Johnson, Michael De Paulo, and Nirva Derbekai. Makeup is done by Nelse Karini, videographer Jamie P. Ryan and the photographers that loyally document the Glam Squad are Mike Zoto, Eric Rakston, Todd Lee, and Amy Azeredo-Samson.

Maxey is not a new name to the style scene. He is the artistic director for Safar Coiffure, and boasts a celebrity clientele list as long as his impressive resume. Maxey has been an on-camera host for a slew of events, including working next to Channel 7 anchor Francis Rivera for the Jarvis Green Foundation event this past October. Somewhere else you may have seen him is on Show Tube TV, where he has worked as a Style Host, directing women on the street how to pull together their look with, you guessed it, their ultra-important shoe selection. He also has a new show getting ready to debut, "Style with Omid Maxey,” a promo video for which is available online.

The Glam Squad made their appearance at Boston Fashion Week this year by attending iMan Fashion Group’s "Fashion Evolution Forever" event at the Joe Moakley Courthouse in the Seaport District. They also held a photo shoot at the grand opening of The Ames Hotel on November 19.

The Glam Squad’s most recent appearance was at the anticipated "Dancing with the Stars" event that took place on December 12 at the Westin Copley Hotel. It was here that a fusion of dancing, fashion, and style created quite a stir as the event was packed and a sure success. DWTS dancers Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo performed for the crowd, a Mercedes car show was showcased, a La Perla fashion show took place, and finally the Glam Squad walked the runway with hair done by Safar Coiffure, makeup by Nelse Karini, and draped in dresses by Michael De Paulo. Maxey kept the crowd entertained by co-hosting the event with Saran Kaba Jones, the executive director of FACE Africa. As dozens of camera flashes went off from every direction as the beauties took the stage, this is just one example of a typical night for the Glam Squad.

By the next day, there were online feeds of the footage from the event, credited by the Glam Squad’s photographers.

Safar Coiffure Salon is expanding and the long-awaited opening of the Miami branch was just this past week. The Glam Squad has scheduled appearances for the new branch and plan on taking Miami by storm with their cutting-edge fashion shows.

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