Video games raked in more cash than movies in the UK last year according to data collected by the Daily Telegraph.

The niche-market that gaming once was across the pond is now a more mainstream, and much to publisher’s enjoyment, profitable endeavor.

Fun for the entire family? You betcha!

According to GFK Chart-Track, video games took in £1.73 billion since September 2009 and movies amassed only £1 billion, despite the strongest cinema showing in three decades, and £198 million on DVD and Blu-Ray discs, in that same time.

According to the report, only television, and its subscription-based  models of payment, took in more over the same span of time.

Tom Watson, former Cabinet Minister and self-proclaimed gamer, said:

“Like anything digital, Parliament has a very narrow view of video games. Too many politicians think video games are played by teenage boys staying up all night shooting things in their bedroom.

“And yes there are plenty of those, but there also a huge range of people of many different ages who love playing games. The industry has matured over the last decade, and so too have gamers.”

What’s most amazing? These figures do not include that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the largest release in the UK since FIFA.

Source: GamePolitics

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