• Taylor Swift: Best grace under fire
  • Beyonce: Diva with the best video of all time!
  • Lady Gaga: Most original resurger of pop music
  • Kings of Leon: Best job at making a straight up rock and roll band with no gimmick cool again
  • Miley Cyrus: Tween queen 2009
  • Owl City: Best “what the fuck is this but we kind of like it”
  • Cobra Starship: Best use of a cameo and catchy hook to make you famous
  • Blink 182: Best reunion
  • Drake: Most awesome transition from shitty teen drama to rap star ever
  • Lil Wayne: Most money for being on songs that aren’t his (surpassing Lil Jon)
  • Justin Bieber: Best “this would be adorable except you’re 12 so it makes me feel like a creep”
  • Glee soundtrack: Best way to make covers totally awesome yet completely nerdy all at the same time
  • Jay Sean: Best introduction of Bollywood flavor into American main stream
  • Michael Jackson: Best comeback, it just sucks he had to die to do it

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