If you saw the 2009 Hollywood revision of Star Trek over the summer you were graced with young stud Zach Quinto and the famed Leonard Nimoy both playing legendary Trek character Spock.

Well, Cryptic Studios, the team behind the upcoming space-oriented MMO “Star Trek Online” announced today that both actors will lend their voices to the title.

Nimoy will voice the game’s opening cinematic sequence as well as various other “key scenes and events in-game”.

As for Quinto, Cryptic only said the young buck will surrender his voice to the game in one way or another.

Atari president and CEO Jim Wilson said “Mr. Nimoy’s participation in Star Trek Online brings the game to a whole new level. When Star Trek fans hear his voice they will know that Star Trek Online truly is part of the Star Trek universe.”

Looks like you’ll get your fair share of authenticity in this one. Have at it Trekkies!

Source: IGN

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