If metal is your music, and killing shi*t is your game, you’re going to love the upcoming PS3-exclusive “God of War III” and for the true enthusiast, the Ultimate Edition will be the edition to have.

Sony today revealed the “Blood & Metal EP,” as the latest addition to the $99 Ultimate Edition, but what’s on it, is more than alluring.

Tunes from (personal favorite bands) Trivium, Opeth, Dream Theater, Killswitch Engage, and Taking Dawn, will grace the title and the EP, which you’ll get in .mp3 format separately for your listening enjoyment.

Best of all, some tunes, from the bands, will only be released on the EP and are, somehow, inspired by God of War III.

Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater’s drummer, besides being stupidly talented, offered this sentiment about the game and its music.

“This is the first time in 24 years that we’ve written and recorded a song for anything other than one of our own albums, so we’re up for the challenge and excited to have been asked.”

And straight from Sony.

"Music has always been an important part of videogames and can help bring titles to life," said Stig Asmussen, God of War III Game Director. "Our goal is to make God of War III a special release in all areas and this just another way to offer fans and newcomers a worthwhile experience."

Well now, maybe you didn’t know, buy music is my blood, and this news just sold me on the $99 Ultimate Edition. Yes, indeed!

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