One of the rare surprises about a “pizza and sub shop” comes when the ingredients are fresh and the appetizers aren’t packaged, frozen, pre-made cheapos.

415 Harvard St.
$10 delivery minimum

Ozzie’s Pizza & Cafe in Brookline will also deliver to Allston/Brighton. Boston University and Boston College students are covered as well as some of the Northeastern students on Mission Hill, so you might want to consider giving this place a try for something different than your local “House of Pizza.”

This is a Greek place, and the pizza is thick to match. Variety is a strong point. There are dozens of calzones and pizza choices to pick from. Ozzie’s specialty is their Classic, ($9.99/$14.99) which has pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. There’s also a white asiago pie with ranch ($9.99/$14.99) and a sweet cherry tomato pizza ($9.99/$14.99) that looked good.

Getting on to the real food, the chicken tenders (four sizes, $6.99/$7.99/$9.99/$14.99) were especially good. They weren’t processed, packaged garbage. They were moist, fresh and flavorful. They are simple, flour-battered tenders that break apart nicely — you can actually tell that they’re chicken.

Ozzie’s offers a grape leaves appetizer ($5.49 for six). It’s a more traditional Mediterranean dish of rice and vegetables wrapped in a grape leaf. They have a peculiar, if acquired taste, but they were fresh and very fragrant.

The biggest disappointment of the meal, however, was the fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers salad ($7.99). There was some mesclun mix and fresh greens, but the vinegary taste of the red peppers did not mix well with everything else in the dish. The mozzarella was fresh and neutral, but you only get two peppers and one piece of cheese. The rest of the dish is just a regular old garden salad, with 90 percent plain iceberg lettuce. It’s a regular salad with a little kick. It didn’t feel like its own dish.

The menu is giant. There are also burgers, subs and seafood dishes to try if you feel adventurous. There’s also frozen yogurt and various natural juices to wash it all down. They are very friendly on the phone, and even threw in a few extra chicken tenders. Much appreciated!

Ozzie’s promised 30-35 minutes, and the food was here in a half hour flat. It’s fresh, tasty and wicked cheap (especially the pizza). It’s not a gourmet meal, but it’s very above average, for delivery.

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